You will hear it in every web3 community– "We need better on-ramps." We used to agree until we realized there is something even better than that: no on-ramps.

We believe that your money is your money, and you should be able to spend it wherever and whenever you'd like. That means doing away with the whole concept of manual exchange between currencies.

When billions more people come into web3, Allos presents a simple proposition– if you have a bank account, then you are ready to go.

Over time, Allos and our concept of the Universal Balance™ will encompass all types of money, allowing you to spend freely however you see fit.

It is your money after all, isn't it? You should always have instant access to it.

Our Founders

Paul Canetti CEO

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Simon Baumer CTO

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Justin Canetti COO

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We are multi-time founders who helped to build the mobile internet that we all use today, one controlled by a small number of highly centralized tech behemoths.

We're passionate about building new decentralized alternatives. The promise of web3 is to have a more fair and more open internet. That's what we are working toward at Allos.

If we empower more people to use decentralized apps, we can help bring about that future.


Interested in joining us?

We are looking for amazingly talented people who share the same vision we do for a decentralized future. Inquire within.