For dApps

What good are shoppers in your store with no money to spend?

With Allos, that will never happen again.

Better Conversions

It's not rocket science– if someone wants to buy an NFT or do a swap, but they don't have enough crypto in their wallet, they won't be able to complete that transaction.

But if your dApp supports Allos, that user can spend fiat funds directly from their linked bank account via their Universal Balance™.

That means your conversion rates are going up, up, up.

📈 Increased Revenue

Needless to say, if conversions are going up and abandon rates are going down, you're going to generate more sales.

But think of the combined value of all those abandoned transactions– that is now money in your pocket.

If there was ever a reason to implement an SDK, this is it.

🔒 Security First

Allos was built with security at the forefront.

End users that connect their bank account with Allos will go through a comprehensive KYC and risk assessment process. We can pass that risk information on to you.

As web3 matures, we all need to start taking compliance seriously, and Allos can help.


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