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Imagine if every time you needed to convert fiat to crypto, it didn't suck.

Never Run Out of Funds

Instead of needing to manually exchange fiat to crypto and then send it to your wallet, Allos gives you access to a Universal Balance™, a combination of funds from your wallet and your linked bank account.

If you are running low on crypto, you can still transact on all your favorite dApps using funds from your bank account.

Spend Fiat, in web3

If you are wary of keeping large crypto balances, with Allos you can keep your money in an FDIC-insured bank account until the moment you need it.

You can now use USD in decentralized apps.

Allos knows how much you need and initiates an Auto-Exchange™ whenever you need it.

🔒 Security First

Allos is a BYO solution in that you bring your own bank account and your own self-custodial wallet.

We never hold your funds and always helps to make sure your money is safe and only accessible to you.

It was built with security at the forefront.


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