For Wallets

One wallet app always has funds available. Others don't.

Which do you think your users will prefer?

💰 Always Funded

Every time a wallet balance is running low, our Auto-Exchange™ feature tops up that wallet automatically.

What does that mean? More swaps, more transactions, more everything.

The point of having a hot wallet in web3 is to have money ready to spend. Now your users always will.

🔄 Better Retention

Wallets in web3 are tricky business, because the whole ethos is that the user has full ownership and can take their assets wherever they'd like.

Stickiness comes through a superior UX.

Imagine debating whether to use your wallet vs. another app. Yours offers a wallet that always has funds available.

It's a no-brainer.

🔒 Security First

Allos was built with security at the forefront.

End users that connect their bank account with Allos will go through a comprehensive KYC and risk assessment process. We can pass that risk information on to you.

As web3 matures, we all need to start taking compliance seriously, and Allos can help.


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